Braidless Weave | Flatline Weave in McDonough and Atlanta

Braidless Weave | Flatline Weave What Is It?

The Braidless Weave is everything you heard about and more…The easiest way to describe it is a “Invisible Weave.” When our clients leave our chairs turn and look in the mirror and say… “I have no idea where my hair ends and the weave starts.” 15 minutes later our stylist gets a text saying… “THEY LOVE IT, WE WILL ALL BE BACK.” They… We… & All equals her friends, co-workers and loved ones. This Flawless Flatline Weave is consist of No-Braids, No-Tracks, No-Glue or Wax to keep this sew in place and styled. Check out this picture below.

Braidless Weave Flatline The Competition

How Long Does a Braidless Sew in Weave Last?

Typically the Braidless sew in weave will last a client 4 months, but as a healthy hair practice we do not leave anything attached to a client’s hair more than 8 weeks. So we advise out clients to come back to the salon for a “Weave Maintenance.” Which allows us to maintain natural hair under a weave.

Service Time | The Flatline Weave Technique Takes 1.5 Hours

The service time for a typical Flatline Weave is 1.5 hours, but when you add on additional services the time goes up. If a client wants a Three (3) Month Keratin Treatment plus the Flatline Weave Technique that is a 4.5 hour service. After a shampoo, conditioner, Steam Treatment, blow-dry & Genesis Silk Out plus the Flatline hair weave service is a 3.5 hour service. With our 24/Hour Booking Services you can schedule the services you need and know the estimated time you will be in and out of the salon.The only service time we can not include is the time you will spend laughing and joking as we do your hair. We love to hear our clients funny stories. Just like the photo below we love to see you leave with a smile.

braidless weave flatline weave before and after picture

Braidless Weave | Flatline Weave is Easy On Your Edges

Braidless Weave or Flatline Weave Services Provides High-End Clients with Hair Weaves that look Natural. Gone are the days of “Helmet Head” sew ins. The best benefit to braidless sew in weaves are the fact that they are easy on your edges. Our Hair Stylist at Unique Creations Hair Studios use the Flatline weave technique to promote hair growth. We also use our BeanStalk Hair Growth Serum on your natural hair. We want clients to wear a weave because they want to give their Natural hair a rest from heat and constant styling. The Braidless Weave service provides you the freedom of protecting you hair without feeling sub-concise about your sew in. Check out the quick before and after video… Perfect in Progress Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Braidless Weave Video

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